In October 2017 I quit my academic job (because I was unhappy) and began cycling to Bhutan on a journey for happiness. It was an 18 month journey that brought unbridled joy and pleasure, as well as deep challenge and heartache. Along the way I eventually found a deep enduring sense of happiness.

I am currently writing a book about happiness based on this journey. For now you can find out a bit about the journey through my Journey for Happiness blog.

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Journey for Happiness

Cycling to Bhutan

Most of my time is spent researching but I sometimes teach.

Happiness and Well-Being Researcher

"My research is concerned with human happiness & well-being. What contributes to our happiness, and why? I combine ideas from psychology and economics to understand how life events, such as a promotion at work, income changes or unemployment might influence our well-being." Dr Christopher Boyce, University of Stirling