in happiness - cycling to Bhutan

"My research is concerned with human happiness & well-being. What contributes to our happiness, and why? I combine ideas from psychology and economics to understand how life events, such as a promotion at work, income changes or unemployment might influence our well-being." Dr Christopher Boyce, University of Stirling

I am part of the Behavioural Science Centre at Stirling Management School. Our website provides an excellent resource for those interested in behavioural sciences. 

Email me: christopher.boyce(at)stir(dot)ac(dot)uk

Behavioural Science Centre, Stirling Management School, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Most of my time is spent researching but I sometimes teach.

Happiness and Well-Being Researcher

I am currently cycling to Bhutan and writing about my experiences on my adventures in happinessThe journey is about exploring happiness -personally and societally - and sharing my ideas in a non-academic way


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