About me

Hello, my name is Christopher and I write about happiness and well-being – all the different types of happiness and well-being  (from the moment-to-moment happiness right up to the deep human flourishing sort of happiness).

I’ve been writing about happiness and well-being as an academic for over 15 years and published over 25 peer-reviewed academic articles. But in an effort to deepen my understanding of happiness and walk the talk, so to speak, I decided to spend 18-months cycling to Bhutan on what was a personal happiness pilgrimage. I became a happiness and well-being expert of a different sort - less academic, more real; living less in the mind, more in the heart!

My writings on happiness and well-being are therefore diverse. I still publish academic articles but I prefer to write either on my Journey for Happiness blog, and other media outlets, so as to communicate ideas about happiness and well-being in a simple and accessible way. I have written a book about a journey for happiness based around my cycling journey to Bhutan. You can get a copy here

Beyond academia, beyond cycling to Bhutan

I am committed to happiness and well-being – mine and others – and ultimately I am interested in figuring out how we can co-create communities where everyone has the opportunity to flourish. It is no easy task to flourish as a human being and one thing that seems clear to me is that everybody needs support in doing so.

If there is anything that I write about that touches, inspires, or even challenges you then I'd be happy to hear from you. If there is anything on my blog you’d like to share with others then feel free to do that also.